My old Cardinal Path blog content

Before I put up some new content on my new blog, here is a list of some of my earlier posts I wrote with Cardinal Path.


Tracking Search Bots in Google Analytics

I grabbed an unofficial PHP server-side library for tracking Google Analytics on a website and tweaked it to explicitly track only bots, especially search bots. Although I thought it was a pretty neat solution, it’s a bit hackish in terms of having a reliable way to send data to Google Analytics. The new Google Analytics Measurement Protocol is a much better solution for potential server-side tracking and I may soon upgrade my script to use this protocol.


Webinar: Attribution Solutions for Google Analytics

The idea of attribution in Google Analytics can be a bit tricky, especially across different reports. This webinar I hosted talks about the different ways Google Analytics determines attribution and what attribution models are available in Google Analytics. I also talk about Multi-Channel Funnels.


Competitive Backlink Analysis with Open Site Explorer

This is a fairly quick post I did about using the SEOmoz OSE to mine competitor backlinks to identify new link building opportunities. There are plenty of ways to perform competitive analysis but I felt like writing one quick and dirty method to get people going.

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