Hire These BlueGlass People!

It was unfortunate to hear earlier this week about the people losing their jobs over at BlueGlass due to the company’s cash issues. Unexpectedly losing your job and subsequent paychecks definitely knocks the wind out of you. I was in a similar situation… the job seemed fine until one day until you learn the reality – the company has no money! Learning this news days before Christmas and being the sole salary-earner in the household with a 5 month old child with very serious medical needs… yeah, it was a shock.

The thing about it, though, is that I was fortunate enough to then get a job that ended up changing the course of my career and life for the better. I’m really hoping for the same thing with the former BlueGlass folks.

I’ve seen some retweets from some BG people that say they are looking for work.  The retweeting was great, but I was a bit troubled by not having an easy centralized place for employers to review the BG people looking for work. So, I thought I would create one 🙂

Below is a list of former BlueGlass employees that, as best as I can interpret from their social profiles, are broadcasting that they are looking for work. This list may be updated frequently as other people help contribute to the list.

If you are an employer looking to hire somebody: Please check the list often. It will get updated and you may find that right person for your company.

If you are a former employee of BG: Let me know if you want to be added to the list, removed from the list or have any corrections.

Everybody else: Please share this page. The Internet marketing community is full of really awesome people and I think helping each other find jobs will be beneficial for all of us.


UPDATE: Since my post yesterday, Annie Cushing helped put together a nice GDoc of some details of the former BlueGlassers looking for work.  I’ve embedded the GDoc below but go ahead and check out her post to see some extra info that will help.

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