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MozCon 2015 – Tracking Resources

Here are some of the resources I reference in my MozCon 2015 talk on Tracking Beyond the Pageview. Now let’s do some data-driven marketing! Google Tag Manger:¬†Education Resources iPullRank: Complete Guide to Google Tag Manager Analytics Academy: Google Tag Manager

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Universal Analytics for Search Bots

Update: The library is now open-sourced as Google Universal Analytics for Bots on GitHub. A few years ago I created PHP-based Google Analytics tracking script that was specifically focused on tracking bots, especially search bots. The JavaScript-based GA tracking codes

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Import Your Ad Cost Data into GA for Better ROI Analysis

Google Analytics has always been pretty incredible in attributing users’ actions on your website to the marketing channels from whence they came. Add in the ability to track conversion value/revenue, multi-channel funnel analysis and now attribution modeling analysis for all

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Tracking the Google ‘Save To Drive’ Button in Google Analytics

Google unveiled a Google ‘Save to Drive’ button for website publishers that allows their users to download files directly into their Google Drive accounts. Although a ‘Save to Drive’ Chrome extension¬†has been around for a while now, this solution is

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