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I’m a digital marketer, web analytics consultant, teacher and speaker. I love technology in many facets, whether it’s for the Internet, music, consumer electronics… wherever there is innovation!

I graduated from Arizona State University in 2002 with my B.A. in Music, though shortly after that I dove into a career of web development and marketing. One thing I can say about my years of music performance (and teaching music) is that it developed a strong passion and skilled approach to performance and experience optimization, which clearly benefits my role within marketing and analytics.

I’m currently the VP of Digital Marketing for Bikini.com, part of the Remark Holdings family. I help lead digital marketing strategy, ecommerce and technology platforms. I also assist the retail, creative services, and customer support teams with operational improvements.

I was formerly the Director of Analytics at IMI, a full-service digital marketing firm in San Diego, CA. I was responsible for the vision and growth of the Analytics department (with the help of some pretty awesome analytics specialists) in offering enterprise-class digital intelligence services and consulting for our clients.

Previously I was the Director of Digital Marketing for IO. I was responsible for strategies for all digital touchpoints in the IO customer lifecycle. This involved SEO, paid search, social media, web development, content strategy, analytics, marketing auotmation, CRM analysis, etc.

Prior to that I was a senior consultant at Cardinal Path for about 4 years.  I was responsible for SEO and analytics consulting, process and service management . I was also a Google Analytics and Google AdWords instructor for the Cardinal Path Training seminars held across the US.

Outside of those roles, I’ve done a lot of other work with the Internet.  You name it, I’ve probably done it.

I love connecting with the digital community. Feel free to reach out and say hi!

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  • Lynda.com: SEO Fundamentals (co-writer)

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